Allergy Asthma Network of India (AANI):  The concept of AANI originated by the students and faculty of the Diploma in allergy & Asthma (DAA) course at the Christian Medical College-hospital ( in 2009. The specialty of allergy is relatively new, especially in the Indian sub continent aand DAA is the only formal year long training program in operation since 2006. DAA is offered to physicians who are already specialized in the specialties of Paediatrics, General Medicine, Pulmonary medicine, ENT and rarely after MBBS with exceptional academic activities. DAA has been very well received and there are around 250 graduates in deifferent parts of India as well as beyond. Hence the idea of developing a network for all the DAA graduates was originated and has resulted in the formation of AANI. Although the concept and the network development has been practiced since 2009, AANI was officially inaugurated at Mysore,Karnataka in December 2014. 

AANI Support on Allergy

AANI has conducted so many seminars, health fairs around the world. Please the health fair at your area and benefit from the world renouned physicians.